PlyoBelt PRO! For those that want to trainer, HARDER!

This is not your average fitness band workout!

What's the Easiest Way to GET QUICK RESULTS?  

1. Learn Proper Form 2. Simplify Fitness Routines 3. Do them both, Consistently

Most people don't have the time or don’t have a consistent enough schedule to go to the gym every day. Even fewer people have the money or space to purchase expensive home fitness equipment.

Ready to simplify your training?

 ALLN-1 PlyoBelt PRO! Training System

We believe there is a better way to solve the most common fitness problems

Our ALLN-1 PlyoBelt (patent pending) was created with one goal in mind—to make professional training programs accessible to everyone by making the equipment and routines as simple as possible!  

We Simplified the Equipment

Exercise Bench to Home Chair

With the PlyoBelt training program, you can use everyday household items as gym equipment. Don't have access to an exercise bench? No problem. Use a basic chair instead. Want to go for a run but don't have a treadmill? No problem. Use a door (yes, a door).

The PlyoBelt training system allows you to perform the most basic yet effective exercises that will reap the greatest results!

We Simplified the Weights

PlyoBelt Bottle Carriers and Bands

Incorporating progressive resistance into a training routine is critical for developing leaner, firmer and stronger muscles. But weights are expensive to make AND ship. We solved this problem by offering you an ingenious way to use water bottles as weights. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can easily use water bottles in place of dumbbells for a GREAT workout! 

Whether you're at home or on the road, you can easily use water bottles in place of dumbbells for a GREAT workout!

We Simplified the Routines

80 / 20 Pareto

Like all our customize TrainChange® and ALLN-1® fitness programs, we designed the PlyoBelt™ training program with the Pareto Principle in mind. You only perform the "vital few" exercises that produce the best results. For example, instead of creating a traditional routine where you perform 3-4 exercises for your glutes, we only have you perform one. But that one exercise will be as effective as if you had done all three.

If you can give yourself 30-45 minutes a day to exercise, we can give you the results you want.  

Effective workouts don't have to be complicated.

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PlyoBelt Pro!

You'll Get All the Great Features fo the PlyoBelt Starter PlUS MORE! 

Gym Activities Replaced with a PlyoBelt PRO at Home

Rear Cross Over


Shoulder Raise


Cable Chest Press

CHEST FLYS (PlyoBelt Pro)  

Laying Tricep Extension


Bicep Curls

BICEP CURLS (PlyoBelt Pro)  

Assisted Leg Press


Calve Press

CALVE PRESS (PlyoBelt Pro) 

Lunge to Feet


PlyoBelt Purchase Options

PlyoBelt PRO

PlyoBelt PRO!  

Description: It's everything in the PlyoBelt PRO Starter Package, PLUS MORE!  

Need to train more than just your glute? Well, the PlyoBelt Pro is the way to go. You'll get all the benefits of the PlyoBelt PRO Starter Package and the added ability to train your entire body, PLUS cardio. This package include our patented VRS clips that are used with our Resistance PlyoBands so that you can train your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back, core, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and cardio. You'll also get access to our PlyoBelt Pro Training Program that you walk you through the most effective way to perform the exercises and provide you with a advanced PlyoBelt weekly fitness routines.  


  • (1) PlyoBelt PRO (Functions as an agility belt, speed belt, hip thrust belt, ankle, wrist and foot straps, along with hand grips and a shoulder harness)
  • (4) VRS (Variable Resistance &&Suspension) Clips  
  • (2) PlyoBottle Carriers* 
  • (2) PlyoBelt Door Hangers 
  • (2) PlyoBelt Door Hanger Anchor 
  • (2) PlyoBelt Mini resistance bands 
  • (1) Set of Adjustable PlyoBelt Light Weight Resistance bands 
  • (1) Set of Adjustable PlyoBelt Light Weight Resistance bands 
  • (1) Set of Adjustable PlyoBelt Medium-Heavy Weight Resistance bands
  • (4) PlyoBelt Carabiners 
  • (2) PlyoBelt Weight straps 
  • (4) PlyoBelt Extension straps 
  • (1) PlyoBelt Easy Travel Bag 
  • Access to the PlyoBelt Pro Training Program! 
  • 1-Month** of Embrace the Yo Yo: Basic Online Personal Training 

Regular Price $147.99

* Easy Measure PlyoBottles. Not Included. Sold Separately. ** This is a 1-Month Only Trial Offer Not Available for Purchase. 


 Price: $147.99


Order a PlyoBelt PRO!

PlyoBelt Starter

PlyoBelt Starter  

Description: The PlyoBelt PRO Starter Package allows you to use the PlyoBelt as an agility belt, speed belt, hip thrust belt, ankle, wrist and foot straps, along with hand grips and a shoulder harness. Snaps are located inside of the belt that allow you to fold over the sides and lock them in place! The connectors in the can be attached or detached as needed. When both sides of the belt are clipped you use it as a belt, detach for specialized configurations as shown below.  

The ALLN-1® PlyoBelt PRO Starter was created with two goals in mind—to make professional training programs accessible to everyone by making budget friendly equipment, and exercise routines as simple as possible!  


  • (1) PlyoBelt PRO (Functions as an agility belt, speed belt, hip thrust belt, ankle, wrist and foot straps, along with hand grips and a shoulder harness)
  • (2) PlyoBottle Carriers*
  • (2) PlyoBelt Door Hangers
  • (2) PlyoBelt Mini resistance bands* 
  • (4) PlyoBelt Carabiners
  • (2) PlyoBelt Weight straps
  • (4) PlyoBelt Extension straps
  • (1) PlyoBelt Easy Travel Bag
  • Access to the PlyoBelt PRO Training Program! 

Regular Price $53.99  

* Long Loop Resistance Bands. Not included. Sold Separately. * Water Bottles Not Included. Sold Separately. 

Price: $34.99 


Order a PlyoBelt STARTER

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Not Just Hold Dumbbells or Barbells the Traditional Way?  

For the record, there is nothing wrong with using the traditional approach of simply holding dumbbells or barbells to perform most exercises as usual. This post is making the assumption that you realize some exercises, like a bench press, REQUIRE the use of a tight grip, verses an exercise like a cable chess press where you can use a lose hand or open grip and still properly control the equipment. That said, to explain why not having to hold anything in your hands during training whenever possible is a better option try this simple experiment: Place both of your hands in front of you, ball them into fists, and squeeze them together as tight as possible for at least 30 seconds.  

[Try it now, then continue reading]  

If you actually squeezed your fists together tightly, you experienced some form of isometric muscle fatigue. Which means you were required to exert ENERGY to simply squeeze your fists together. While this may not seem like a lot of energy, anytime you have to firmly hold something while you're working out you are diverting energy from the primary exercise--wasting energy that could be going to the actual muscles you're training. While this may not seem like a lot, it compounds into a lot of wasted energy.  

Over an extended period of time, even that small amount of wasted energy adds up and impedes flow. For example, professional long distance runners are taught to not have their hands too tight (or too lose) while running because it wastes energy, and also restricts the natural flow of movement and energy within their body. Conversely, a really bad example of energy being wasted during an exercise are Hanging (Ab) Grip Crunches. Reason being, the goal of the exercise is to train the abs, however, at least 80% of that energy is expended and wasted on holding onto a bar. And while not still the best solution, an alternative was to develop sleeves that your arms could slide into to alleviate the problem of struggling to hold the bar while performing the exercise. As a result, that 80% of once wasted energy can now be better utilized toward the actual purpose of the exercise--training the abs.  

Leveraging this simple empirical evidence, is exactly why I decided to create the PlyoBelt™. Because doing something as simple as a hip thrusts or more directed like walking dumbbell lunges, when you aren't required to hold anything during your exercise, it's more energy you can use toward the muscles you're actually trying to train. These are the types of small, yet advanced techniques that professional trainers and athletes understand, and apply to their routines that add up to big results!  

NOTE: Those that know the teachings of Bruce Lee realize that this relates to his concept of Flow Like Water and how he used it to develop the 1-inch punch.

What's the Difference Between the ALLN-1 PlyoBelt and the PlyoBelt Pro Training Program Right for Me?

The ALLN-1 PlyoBelt is simply a training belt and weight straps designed specifically for doing exercises like hip thrusts, glute bridges, lunges, step-ups, resistance push-ups and even weighted dips. The PlyoBelt Pro Training Program is a more comprehensive training option in that it comes with additional items to perform more exercises to get a total body workout. 

Is the PlyoBelt Pro Training Program Right for Me?

The ALLN-1 PlyoBelt program will benefit anyone who wants to build their muscles, lose weight, burn fat and develop new exercise skills that will help their overall movement performance. It’s especially useful for people who are at a beginner to intermediate level in terms of their training experience. This program also works well for those who can't go to the gym on a regular basis or who frequently travel. The lightweight equipment and simplicity of the exercises means the program can be done anywhere—from a living room to a hotel room. The simplicity of the program will also boost your confidence and increase your knowledge as you learn how to properly perform the exercises because it focuses on learning the basics of training then moving into mastering the techniques.

Do I Need to Own an ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench to Use the PlyoBelt?

No. The ALLN-1 PlyoBelt is totally separate from the ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench. But, since the PlyoBelt was designed to be used as part of the ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench, when used together, you'll have more exercise options than just using other fitness equipment or home furniture.

How Much Does the PlyoBelt Pro Training Program Cost?

You pay a one-time fee for the PlyoBelt and Pro Training Program. This price includes all the components listed above. It also includes basic instructions on how to create workout routines and exercise plans, online access to the course assets, a membership to the Facebook community and any other new or bonus content that may be added.

Is There a Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the course after 30 days, you can email us to request a full refund. Customers who go through all the basic training materials and/or along with the Pro Training Program, and actively take part in their learning experience, are delighted with the product and will experience the greatest amount of success!

What If I Have Questions or Need Support?

After receiving your ALLN-1 PlyoBelt, please contact us via email with any questions about the product. Or you can reach out to our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions and through our private Facebook community.

Effective Workouts Don't Have to Be Complicated.